Aviation Principals


Swiss company considered as the largest manufacturer of interior aircraft materials in the world (a/c carpets, seat covers, curtains and leather).

Lantal is a leading manufacturer of textiles for soft interiors and a globally acclaimed design powerhouse. The company’s passion is to create moving environments that reflect the customer’s vision and turn travel into a unique experience

One of the largest active spare parts and materials stockiest in Europe specialized in Chemicals and some Airbus aircraft’s parts, located in England and backed by long time of its staff experience. Kemfast Aerospace was formed in 1998 specifically to supply the Aerospace industry with full chemical management and logistics services.  Since then Kemfast has developed an innovative range of services to control the chemical and consumable acquisition process including, consignment stocks and vending services. The supply solutions include the sourcing of new materials right through to distribution of stock at the point of use.

American Company based in Phoenix, well known internationally as the leading manufacturer of Seat Belts. Virtually every commercial aircraft in the world carries Am-Safe products. Simply stated, Am-Safe is the world leader in safety and securement equipment for the aerospace, defense and ground transportation industries. The newest benchmark in restraint technology - the aviation airbag - positions the company at the forefront of air safety.
Am-Safe seatbelts, restraints, airbags, cargo and barrier nets, camouflage, sling systems, tie-downs and cabin interior products are on the job all the time, in the air and on the ground, helping to move millions of people and countless tons of cargo safely and securely.
With manufacturing operations and service facilities across the globe, Am-Safe is focused and committed to providing quality products and timely, cost-effective solutions to the customers worldwide.

A British company owned by Mr. Brian Davis who has 56 years experience in many fields of aviation industry. Astra jointly with Katrein Group were able to conclude the deal of buying 2 F-27 aircraft with spare engines and spare parts from Egypt Air for the favor of Channel Express.

Overhaul and repair station with Capability approved by manufacturers of hydraulics, electrical, electronics, landing gears & safety equipment systems. Since 1959, AEM Limited has been established at three UK sites: Stansted Airport in Essex, Ramsgate in Kent and Luton in Bedfordshire; as well as a representative office in Singapore.

They are now one of the largest independent overhaul and repair facilities in Europe, providing accessory maintenance services for over 2,000 components from a variety of aircraft systems.

AEM supports international and regional airlines, helicopter operators and airframe manufacturers.

With AEM, the clients just specify what he need. Specify how he would best like it to be provided. AEM job is to deliver - at the right time, the right price and with quality guaranteed.

AEM is the accessory service you can trust.

L P S Laboratories
American specialized chemical producer well known internationally, their products cover the following areas: Lubricants / Penetrants - Cleaners / Degreasers - Corrosion Inhibitors - Cutting Fluids - Renewal Products
Since 1961, when LPS Laboratories introduced LPS 1 to the aviation industry LPS made a commitment to provide high quality products and services that exceed the customers expectations.
One of the best reflections of quality is seen in the breadth of our Aviation OEM qualifications. LPS have products approvals from Airbus, British Aerospace, Boeing, Canadair, Cessna, DeHavilland, Gulfstream, Hamilton Standard, Learjet, Rolls-Royce, and many others.

Why are Aviation OEM approvals important? Because aviation approvals verify and confirm that the chemical products being used on the aircraft or aircraft components will not harm the metal surface, paint, sealants, rubber components or any other material the product comes in contact with.
When clients use LPS products for aviation applications they can be sure they have chosen the best products available in the industry.
Products by category: 
Additional MRO Products
Tapmatic® Cutting Fluids
Corrosion Inhibitors

TURCO products manufacturer based in Holland supplying surface treatment and chemical cleaning materials plus N.D.T. items.
Henkel cleaners are engineered for safety and efficiency on interior and exterior aircraft surfaces.  Paint strippers are designed to effectively remove commercial and military coatings without harming surface metals.  
Engine overhaul products are designed to safely remove scale and other typical soils from turbine engine components.
Product categories:
Processing Line Cleaners
Conversion Coatings
Engine Cleaning
Accessory Shop
Compressor Wash
Wheels & Brakes
Landing Gear
Paint Strippers
Pre-Paint Etches
Machine & Grinding Coolants
Exterior Wash
Flap & Wheel Well
TPC Remover


American Manufacturer of training simulation systems, with the help of Katrein Group they were able to win and perform 2 contracts in Egypt:
A contract for Egyptian Air forces with value of $8.3 million to supply 3 Air Traffic Control / Air Interception simulators.
A Contract for Egyptian Armored Forces with value of $1.2 million to supply 2 simulators for T55 and T62 tanks.
Fidelity Simulation and Training

Simulation and Training Product and Service Areas:

Artillery Training Systems
Direct / Indirect Fire Mission Training
Forward Observation, Tactical Air Control Party, Forward Air Controller Training
Air Traffic Control / Air Intercept Simulation and Training
Simulated and Virtual Military Equipment
Vehicle Simulation for Crew Training
Systems Integration

The largest simulator manufacturer in Czech Republic, started working in Egypt by the help of Katrein Group by the following projects: 
- The contract of T55-T62 tanks simulators was executed by ECOM on behalf of FTC. 
- With the help of Kartein they win a contract of US$ 2.2millions for providing 48 simulators for Malujika missiles. 
- Started negotiating a Joint-Venture with the Egyptian MOD to establish local manufacturing facilities in EGYPT.